Explosive B2C Lead Generation

Get Virtually Unlimited Opt-in Email Leads Without Ever Having to Generate Traffic, Build Landing Pages, or Spam Anyone.

The Power of Email Marketing

If you’re on this page you already know the power of email marketing. It is consistently considered to be the highest ROI activity of any online marketing effort - by a long shot.
According to Forbes in this article, marketers can expect to get $42 back for every dollar spent on email marketing over time.
Email allows you to build strong relationships and enables you to reach out to your prospective customers for next-to-nothing at any time you wish.
Your email list is also an asset that you own and can never be taken away from you. Unlike social media or  advertising accounts (umm... Facebook and Google) that can be shut-down at any time and for any reason.

The Challenge

However, you don’t need me telling you that generating email leads is getting more and more challenging.

 Coming up with different offers, building landing pages and generating traffic isn’t a lot of fun nor are you guaranteed any positive results.

And of course, the elephant in the room is the fact that your prospects are getting more and more stingy in giving away their email address to anyone - regardless of how great your offer may be.

This is Where We Come In

DFY Email Marketing has partnered with massive-volume, highly-trusted sites in a manner that allows you to piggy-back off their success, traffic and authority.

This also allows you to generate email leads at scale without having to:

  • Write a word of ad copy or email follow-up (we’ll do that for you)
  • Come up with any ad creatives (we’ll do that for you too)
  • Worry about generating traffic that may or may not convert for you
  • Worry about opt-in conversion rates (our leads are GUARANTEED)
  • Build any landing pages
  • Worry about when your next lead may be coming in or where it will be coming from

Are These Leads Right for Your Business?

Before we get too far into this, let's be very up-front. These leads are good for some offers and complete crap for others. 

It really depends on what your business does but here is a break-down of what generally works and what doesn't. Contact us before ordering if you're unsure if your offer is right for this approach.

Niches These Leads Are Usually Good for:

Global, National and Affiliate Marketing offers. Think broad B2C niches like weight loss, health and fitness, relationships, insurance, make money online, jobs, pets, etc. You know. The niches that are normally really expensive in which to pay for traffic.

Ecommerce leads. If you sell something that appeals to a broad, B2C audience and you have an interesting offer, these could be valuable leads for you.

Online Coaches Consultants and Counselors. If you're offering B2C online courses or consultations and you're not limited by geographical boundaries, these should work very well for you.

Niches These Leads Can Work for But NOT at the Price on this Page (contact me for more info):

Local Businesses. B2C niches like chiropractors, dentists, clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms, landscapers, night clubs, spas, salons, etc. They all can work but the price per lead is usually higher (Bids usually start around $2 per lead) and the lead volume can be limited depending on the geographical targeting. Contact me for more info.

Investing and Crypto. These can be accepted but cost more than what is listed on this page. Bid price usually starts around $4.50 per lead. Contact me for more info.

Niches and Offers These Leads Won't Work for:

Anything targeting business owners including Agency leads, SEO, Business services, etc. I know, it sucks but this isn't for targeting B2B. Sorry.

The usual suspects like porn, online medications, etc. won't be accepted.

Why These Leads Should Work for You

Because they work for me and I'll be the one setting up your campaign(s) for you.

My name is Eric Haaranen and this service was born out of my own success using these leads to create highly profitable campaigns over the last 18 months or so.

Before that I had struggled for years (I started my first site in 1998!!) with building profitable email lists. Even though I knew the value in having a responsive list, I couldn’t get all the pieces right to really make it work for me.

Then I found this simple method I'm about to share.

Since then, I have been able to build profitable lists in niches such as weight loss, employment opportunities, make money online and a number of other competitive B2C verticals.

How Our Lead Acquisition Process Works

When I say "Get opt-in leads with no traffic and no landing pages", people often give me a funny look so let’s quickly clarify specifically how this process works:

  • Your prospects opt-in to receive an offer on a major authority site
  • They see your offer on the thank-you page and opt-in to receive that as well (at this point they’re added to an email autoresponder in real-time)
  • They immediately receive your offer to the email they provided
  • You can continue to follow up with them automatically as long as they remain a subscriber

BONUS: Apart from getting a huge volume of guaranteed leads, your business will also benefit by being associated with some of the world's most highly-trusted brands.

Your Offer Could Appear On Sites Like:

And Our Leads are Guaranteed

I’ve mentioned the word, “guaranteed” a couple of times already and here is how it applies to you.

We all know that very little is truly guaranteed in marketing but this is one of those few exceptions. If you purchase a certain volume of leads, you will get that number of leads - guaranteed.

No more worrying about landing page conversion rates, garbage traffic or lead volume.

Of course,  I can’t guarantee that all or even any of our leads will convert because I have no idea of what you’re promoting but you will absolutely get the quantity of leads you request.

Let’s Make This Decision as Brain-Dead Simple as Possible, Shall We?

We both know that the Internet abounds with scammers and empty promises - especially in the online marketing space.

That is why I have come up with what I believe to be the fairest solution for you to decide if this is for you or not.

Until DFY Email Marketing came along, access to the types of partners with whom we work was limited to massive corporations with huge marketing budgets. Usually $2,500 is the minimum budget required just to test a campaign.

However, I KNOW this system can also work for smaller companies and I wanted to make it accessible to everyone.

And because this service is brand new, I (selfishly) want as many happy customers as possible so I can get testimonials and of course, repeat revenue.

In order to do so, you need to feel comfortable in knowing that a) no effort will be required on your part b) you'll get results fast and c) your risk in testing this method is mitigated as much as possible.

The Irresistible Offer

Obviously, for the above to happen you need to be able to test these leads with as minimal time and monetary commitment as possible.

And you want to see results quickly, right?

So this is the solution I came up with:

  • We do a very short (less than one week) trial
  • Your total investment will only be $250
  • You’ll be guaranteed at least 300 leads during the trial.

What I Will Take Care of For You

This service is called “Done for You” for a reason. I will take care of every aspect of the email acquisition and follow-up process for you. That includes:

  • Writing your ad copy
  • Designing the creative
  • Formatting and submitting your campaigns
  • Guaranteeing the partners accept your offer
  • Writing the initial welcome email and one additional follow-up email
  • Integrating everything within an automated email email system 

As you can see, the name DFY Email Marketing is not an exaggeration. I am taking care of everything for you here.

And it should also be obvious that I am investing my time and expertise into your campaign(s) for very little money up-front.

I’m willing to do so because I am looking at this trial as the beginning of a long-term partnership

How to Get Started

Before you order, be sure to make sure your offer is among those we’re able to run.

We don’t run B2B offers nor the usual suspects like porn, online medications, etc.

Investing / crypto offers can be run but not at the price offered on this page.

Local campaigns targeted at the city or zip / postal code levels can be run but not through this offer.

After the trial, we can also integrate your autoresponder so you'll have total control of the leads. You can determine which email system (autoresponder) can be integrated by seeing our FAQs.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything please let me know before you place your order.

The Onboarding Process

I’ve also made the ordering process as easy and frictionless as possible.

  • Click any button on this page and make your payment
  • On the thank you page, you’ll provide a few specifics about your campaign and send the form to me
  • I will prepare the ad and integrate your autoresponder
  • I’ll submit your campaign to the partners
  • It will usually be approved within 3 business days
  • Your campaign will run for 1-3 days or until you get at least 300 leads

That's it. No scheduling calls or talking to any salesman. Just place the order and you'll have an automated system sending you quality leads within a week.

Evaluating the Results

We both know that 300 leads are not a lot but that should be enough for you to evaluate whether these could work for you.

Email marketing is a long-term strategy and only becomes more profitable as you build relationships with your prospects over time and repeated touches.

This trial will also allow us to see what the actual cost per lead will be for your specific campaign. I have a decent idea beforehand but I still do occasionally get surprised.

If you’re happy with the process and the leads, we can discuss working together on an ongoing basis and really scale-up your email marketing efforts quickly.

That is All There Is

I trust that this all sounds reasonable to you. In putting this page together I really have tried to put myself in your shoes and addressed the most critical issues that may concern you.

If there is anything I haven’t covered here or in the following FAQs, please use the contact form below and send me a note. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you.


Which countries can I target?

Surprisingly, we're able to target almost every country in the world, provided your offer is available in English. However, we can only target one country per campaign.

What languages can I target?

only English for now.

How specific can I get with demographic targeting?

We're able to target on gender, age and/or country for this special trial offer. We can get more granular but not at the price of the trial.

Can I collect more data points than just email info?

Yes, you can but not at the price of this special trial. Contact us for specifics.

Which categories can I target?

Beauty & Fashion
Food & Dining
Health & Fitness
Home & Family
Market Research
News & Education
Personal Finance
Retail & Ecommerce
Work Opportunities

When will I start getting leads?

It takes me a day or two to set up your campaign and another 3 business days for the partners to approve it. Once approved, your leads will start coming in almost immediately.

How many leads will I get?

For this trial offer, you'll get a minimum of 300 leads. After the trial and should we decide to continue working together, this source of leads is practically unlimited.

Is this source of leads right for my business?

The only way to answer this is to give it a try. That said, this is best for businesses that understand email marketing is a long-term strategy, see the value in it and truly want to scale their email marketing efforts in a hands-off manner.

This is NOT for you if $250 is a significant investment at the moment or if you're expecting this to be profitable from Day 1. It very rarely happens.

Under what circumstances can I get a refund?

I'll happily refund your money if we fail to deliver the quantity of leads promised. Or if the partners reject your offer and it can't be run.

I am NOT guaranteeing that these leads will convert for you and you won't get a refund if your argument is that the leads are “bad”.  They work well for some offers and flop for others. That is the plain truth.

Best to contact me and tell me what type of offer you want to test if you have any concerns prior to ordering.

Which email systems can be integrated?

After we're run a trial and if we decide we want to keep working together, we may want to send the leads directly to your email system. Those that we can integrate directly are listed below. 

Active Campaign
Campaign Monitor
Get Response
Constant Contact
Google Docs
Mad Mimi
Lead Conduit
List Monetize

How do you integrate my autoresponder?

Each email provider integrates a little differently. Should we get to this point after the trial, I'll email you letting you know what information I need to set everything up.

What do I need to do to get started?

If you're pretty sure that your offer fits the criteria on this page, simply place your order and we'll take care of the rest. If you're not sure or if you have any other questions, get in touch and I'll happily answer any questions you may have.